Kitchen wood floor

Most people would never consider installing hardwood flooring in the kitchen. The fact is, modern polyurethane finishes make hardwood flooring durable and easy to keep clean, even in the kitchen.

Hardwood floors are a little bit softer than tiles or linoleum when attached to concrete.  The benefits of hardwood versus ceramic tile are: less fatigue from standing in the kitchen all day, less back pain, sound absorption for a quieter room, and everything doesn’t shatter when it falls on it.

Hardwood flooring retains its beauty and doesn’t go out of style like different styles of ceramic often do. That means instead of replacing your floors every couple of years because they look dated, hardwood truly is a lifetime floor. You can even change colors without replacing the floor, but just by sanding and staining it.

Hardwood floors with urethane finish are fairly moisture resistant, and by using rugs as drip guards under the sink and appliances, maintenance is very easy to keep up. Say goodbye to the old mop and bucket, daily dusting and weekly or bi-weekly cleanings with hardwood floor cleaner, or vinegar and water solution will keep wood floors shining like new for a long time.

So, for a floor that is both beautiful and makes the most economic sense, the only clear choice is Hardwood Flooring.