Just a short rant

engineered walnut floorMore and more I am starting to get the impression that people would rather hire a salesman than a craftsman to do their floors.

If you talk to someone who is a salesman, here is what you can expect: being told what you want to hear(lied to), daily followup calls(harrassment), someone other than the salesman showing up to do the work(the cheapest person they can find), being over promised and under delivered(lied to), and being talked into thinking that you got a good job(lied to) when it is time to pay the balance after the work is done. Bear in mind that there are some exceptions to this rule.

How do you tell the difference between a salesman and a craftsman? As soon as they arrive at your house for measurements, you will be able to tell the difference. The salesman will arrive in a nice clean car or pickup, probably with a magnetic sticker on the door. The craftsman will arrive in a van or truck that is used for work which is probably scratched, dented and dirty from using it for work purposes. The salesman will be wearing nice shoes, long pants/slacks, and a collared or button up shirt, and smell like after shave. The craftsman will be wearing old shoes, shorts or pants with stains in them, and a light shirt, and smell like they have been working!( unless it is first thing in the morning).

What to expect if you hire a craftsman(me): being told exactly what you need to know up front(the truth), after you get your estimate you will not hear from me again until you ask me to schedule the work(no pressure), I am doing the work(with my crew that I trained), and your expectations being met or exceeded. Most true craftsmen will share the same qualities that I do, but we are becoming a very rare breed.

It is hard to undersand why people would rather hire a salesman than a craftsman. A salesman will make you feel good first and sad later, but a craftsman will keep it real and leave you happy with the results.

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